Have you ever found yourself wanting something so bad in your life to work out. You find that your biggest ‘MISTAKE’ was praying about it and asking God to remove it from you if it was not what He wanted for you.

God in His mercifulness shows you through dreams and subtle signs that this thing was not meant for you. But because you want it so much, you start to analyze your dreams and signs to suit your selfish needs.

However, funny as it may sound, you never stop praying that if it’s not for you, God must show you signs.

Now, I strongly believe that God loves all of us. He saw that you are becoming stubborn. He then brings a situation where you would feel like someone has carried you by your feet, spin you around until you get dizzy, and then throw you against a wall, opening up your head and your brain splashed all over the wall. Then you have a helluva headache that lasts for months!

That’s how bad a heartbreak feels Iike.

After you have recollected yourself and come back to you, even though it was painful, you know deep in your soul why this has happened.

The reality is that some of the painful situations we find ourselves in are self-inflicted.

We DON’T listen to God talking to us. We love to analyze our gut feeling and make a mess of things. Some of us don’t even pray about it, and even if we pray, we hear what we want to hear.

Let’s for a moment be honest with ourselves, think about the first time you met that abusive or unfaithful partner,
– please tell me you didn’t notice how badly they spoke about their ex’s or other people.

– Please tell me you didn’t notice how rude they were to people they deem to be below them in status.

– Please tell me you didn’t ignore some small indiscretions, giving them silly excuses/reasons and forgiving them. You saw those indiscretions not as signs that you should be careful of what and who you are investing your love to, BUT as a sign that you should pray more.

– Please tell me you didn’t see a bit of temper, sulking or emotional blackmail sneaking in when you didn’t do or say what they wanted you to do or say.

– Please tell me that you didn’t sense that something was not right.

We ignore all these signs because we want what we want , and we are going to get it no matter what! We say that ‘MAMA MUST GIVE US A SIGNAL’, but when she does, we pretend not to see the signal.

No ‘demonic spirit’ will get in our way. We believe that we can pray all those bad vibes away. I mean, most of us who are Christians, have the Blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost Fire and Anointing oil at our disposal to dispense and declare at any given time.

Do you think I am being dramatic when I say it was God warning us?

Is it not time that before we start blaming others about how evil and abusive they are, we look at our own relationship with ourselves and God.

I honestly and strongly believe that if someone is in your life and God knows that you will NEVER be able to live your purpose whilst they are there, you will forever be confronted with situations where you don’t have inner peace, until such time that you have removed yourself from such situations.

Instead of calling on family meetings, talking to all and sundry, go to your WAR ROOM and talk to God. More importantly, LISTEN and ACT! Just saying #Tshamy‘sMusings

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