Tshamani has more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resource Development field. She has worked as a Training Officer, Labour Relations Officer, Organisational Development Practitioner and Performance Coach in various companies in the Public and Private Sector in the Petrochemical, Education, Aviation, Banking, and Insurance Industries.

Tshamani is a Leadership Development Specialist, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is passionate about Women and Youth Empowerment. She holds Group Coaching sessions for Women and is actively involved in designing and facilitating Workplace Readiness Workshops for Youth.

Tshamani is an avid reader, blogger and thought leader. She is also a published author and has written a memoir, #Tshamy’sMusings: From my Belly to Yours.

Tshamani holds a B. Com Masters degree in Industrial Psychology. The focus of her research was on Creating a High-Performance Culture through Transformational Leadership. She is currently studying towards being a Logotherapist with the Victor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.

As a Speaker, Tshamani customises her presentations based on the clients’ needs. Some of the talks that she has given include:

  • “Shake Your Hips” – an inspirational presentation for youth;
  • Embrace Your Femininity – for women in leadership;
  • Transformational leadership and creating communities of excellence;
  • Holding on to your Leadership Badge;
  • Creating a High-Performance Culture;
  • Transformation vs. Compliance – for the Employment Equity Summit;
  • How to keep Millenials Engaged – Knowledge Resources: Graduate Seminar &
  • Creating meaningful workplaces – Knowledge Resources.

About the book:

#Tshamy’sMusings – From My Belly to Yours is about her life. She calls it her catharsis. Tshamani seemed to have a perfect life: a loving husband, two beautiful daughters and a fulfilling career that offered her financial security. Then, after 13 years of having it all, her life was severely shaken by divorce.

Her beautifully crafted life had fallen apart and she saw herself as a failure in the eyes of her family, people who looked up to her and, most importantly, herself. With the help of a coach, psychologist and trusted people within her circle, Tshamani was able to change her mindset from failure and shattered dreams to one of power and forgiving herself for circumstances outside of her control. 

In her memoir, From My Belly to Yours, Tshamani shares real-life stories from her childhood to the queen she sees in the mirror today. As a coach and mentor, Tshamani challenges her readers to reflect on their purpose, relationships, barriers created by ego and encourages an abundant mentality and a conscious, soul-led approach to life.